Summer is officially over in the Jacobsmeyer household because Andrew started his second year of medical school today…and I still have mixed emotions. Half of me is so excited for Fall, bible study, and a routine, but the other half is going to desperately miss Andrew since he had the whole summer off (his first and last). It was an eventful summer to say the least. We had a baby, traveled to California with both little ones, and moved across town. I really had a different idea of what our summer was going to look like, but between packing and moving and caring for two babies I think we had our schedule full. Plus we’re in Medical $chool… we can’t do a lot, haha!

Sidenote: traveling with two kids under two…disaster town…we had more bags and luggage than we could each carry, plus we had to hold each kid. How do you friends even do this? I pretty much just fed Wesley as many snacks as he would eat and bounced Reid up and down in my Ergo carrier. Not gonna lie, at one point when Andrew had to run to find us food, I may have let Wesley eat an M&M from a complete stranger when I was changing Reid on an airport bench….. #badmom?

We did have some highlights this summer (below) that included some cuties in swimsuits, a trip to the beach, matching outfits, a beautiful wedding, time with both sets of grandparents, GiGi and Papa, pool time, and Andrew being promoted in the Navy.


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