When Wesley turned 18 months and I was pregnant with Reid, I started writing down TONS of reminders for myself on sticky notes. I honestly didn’t know if I could handle another child! Some were scriptures to remember, some were pump up quotes, others had one word like “peace” so that I would see it and be reminded that He is my peace in that moment. I need to finally write them out in one place…

(I changed “Wesley” to “they” since I have 2 boys now 🙂 )

  1. Romans 8:18
  2. Remember they will want Mac n Cheese for a week straight and then hate it the next
  3. You will forget to wash their hands
  4. You will forget to change their onesie
  5. You will forget to change their wet diaper
  6. You might even forget to buckle them in…
  7. Remember your kid will hardly eat a thing and still take a long nap, or hardly eat dinner and still sleep all night. Stop forcing it
  8. Instagram doesn’t show real life
  9. You’ll have days where you aren’t consistent with discipline
  10. Stop complaining
  11. Having a quiet time and coffee before they wake up is always worth it
  12. Read as many books as they want
  13. Dance parties are always a good idea
  14. You’ll show up looking like a hot mess to a function, probably once a week
  15. You will actually forget to shower
  16. Remember to give yourself grace
  17. Love those babies extravagantly
  18. Remember to eat breakfast
  19. Let things go
  20. Proverbs 31:26
  21. Remember that boys will be boys
  22. Let them be little
  23. Let them learn
  24. Potty training will come….you wont be wiping their butt at 30
  25. Remember it’s ok to not make your own baby food
  26. Distract him when he’s obsessing over something silly
  27. It’s ok to NOT clean the house every Saturday morning (This one Andrew wrote for me because I was like a crazy woman every Saturday morning at 8am bossing everyone around with a toilet brush in one hand and windex in the other).
  28. Don’t compare!
  29. Don’t beat yourself up if you need a TV-PJ day…or week.
  30. Remember that snuggles and kisses can heal your heart
  31. Remember that doctors appointments will just be rough, and to realize that
  32. There’s always something to be grateful for
  33. Travel with kids at your own risk
  35. You will probably have more hard days than good ones. But the good ones last a lifetime and bring more joy than you can ever imagine
  36. Moms are badass
  37. This is a refining process for everyone
  38. They pick up on everything, so watch your tone, words, and actions.
  39. 2 Corinthians 4:17
  40. Kids might eat old food they found on the floor and then not touch your meal that you just spent two hours preparing.
  41. Raise your voice less, laugh waaaaaaaay more
  42. Pray with them
  43. Your instincts are best
  44. God made you their momma
  45. Be teachable & ask other moms questions
  46. You got this
  47. Remember that your child crying in the children’s nursery is always harder on you than them.
  48. Your family comes first, play dates can be postponed.
  49. Pay attention to them, get off your phone
  50. Jesus take the wheel! (of course you have to sing this one)

One thought on “Remember

  1. My favorite quotes are “Give yourself some grace” and “YOU know what’s best for your child.” Thanks for the ideas. I think I need to write some of these down to remind myself that I’m doing the best I can!


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