Reid :: 4 months


Reid Robert, you are 4 months old already! I never knew time could pass so quickly until I became a mom! You are such a delight and bring so much JOY! I love watching you laugh at your brother and try your hardest to roll. I love your smiles when I walk in your room in the morning, and I love listening to you find your voice. It’s more than a blessing to have you. You are such a good baby and you daily remind me why I love being a mom. You nurse so well and I actually enjoy it this time around, which is so new to me. I cherish that time with you. Your deep laugh cracks me up and your toes, legs, and cheeks are so kissable! Call me crazy, but I love the smell of your breath and feet!

You’re the best and I know you’re the best thing for Wesley too because he has to learn to share me. Which is probably the hardest thing for a selfish two-year old to understand. 🙂 But you’ve helped bring out his independent side and I’d like to hope more of his sweet side too! Wesley needed you in his life and I love how the Lord knew that! And even though a lot of my attention goes to him, you are a champ at relaxing in your swing, or playing on the floor when your brother needs me. Thank you for that.

As a mom I always pray for you and your brothers future. Your love for the Lord, your character, even the woman you marry. But I’m honestly enjoying my time with you now more than focusing on the future. You’ve helped me slow down and let things slide. You boys sure know how to refine your momma! 😉

We love you big boy, and we love watching you grow.


Weight: 15 lbs 8 oz

Teeth: 0

You love: chewing on your hand, being swaddled, being in your swing, eating, watching Pooh as long as Wesley’s around, and playing peek-a-boo

You hate: when Wesley “roars” like a lion

This month you: Went to the zoo, watched the Olympics, took a trip to Silverthorne, and started splashing your brother in the bath!


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