Leggings: OS LuLaRoe :: Blue Tunic: Irma LuLaRoe
Nursing cover: Covered Goods

I love mornings because it’s a fresh start. No matter how difficult the day was before, today is a new day! We have this video monitor so I know when the kids wake up. Wesley sometimes poops and starts to take off his diaper, so I am beyond thankful for a monitor where I can rush in before the disaster happens! When I go into Reid’s room, he’s all smiles. I change their diapers, give Wesley his milk, sit on the couch, turn on Pooh, and nurse Reid. We do this for awhile until I’ve finished my coffee and everyone slowly wakes up. 🙂

ps: I highly recommend my nursing cover. It’s the best thing I bought for kiddo #2 and it’s super functional!

Breakfast is next. A bowl of oatmeal with a whole banana is my saving grace with Wesley. If he eats horrible the rest of the day, at least he had a filling breakfast. He’s loved this since he was 10ish months…so I’m going to keep feeding him the same thing! It’s easier for everyone. 🙂

Diaper changes and Reid’s morning nap follow. This time is valuable! I usually have an hour with Wesley all to myself…and we sure need that time together! Running around, going outside, reading, or playing blocks is usually what we end up doing. If it’s nice outside, we end up playing baseball or digging in the dirt. Around 9am is when our house starts to become a MESS (as you can see in some photos). Most days I’m ok with it. My boys are little, so I’ve come to accept that this is just how it’s going to be for awhile! I don’t have many nice things and life is so much easier when your whole house is kid proof! Can I get an amen!?

I love boys. I always said I wanted four boys!!! If God blesses us with more children though, I obviously just want happy, healthy babies. I might enjoy a girl for a slower pace anyways (until she turns 13…) 🙂 But for now, I’m enjoying these boys! Dirt is fun, messy is fun, sports are fun and chasing Wes around is fun (and my workout). I’m usually in my glasses or a hat for most the day, I hardly put on makeup or cute clothes (until I found LuLaRoe!) and these boys always keep me on my toes. If their naps ever overlap, that’s a miracle.

And even better, His mercies are new every morning, and kids are forgiving. I’m so thankful for that.

*Thank you Emily Young for the cozy clothes and Amanda Rabon Photography for the beautiful photos! Couldn’t have done this Lifestyle post without you two!


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