Amanda Rabon Photography

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Dress: LuLaRoe Carly :: Shoes: Steve Madden

My beautiful friend Amanda was able to capture a few photos of this fun, Fall dress despite our two year old boys running around. I decided I’m super awkward at poses, and NOT the best at styling. I slipped on the boots pictured and figured “hey, they’re new and cute! Of course they’ll match.” False. So I look weird. Pretty sure I should have gone with higher boots. The good thing is my friend always makes me look better than I really am! I told her to chop off my ankles and just look at the dress because I felt so odd. I’m so long that I have no idea where to put my arms or what to do with my legs. Do I cross my arms like a Senior Picture, laugh at nothing, or try to be cute and walk down a street and glance backwards? If any of you are models or know these things let me know, because I have a few shoots lined up and need help! Ha!

Not only does Amanda make me look better than I really am, she helps me when I feel weird, and seems to capture beautiful angles and moments I had no idea were possible. She photographed my “Morning” blog post and when she left I said, “I’m sorry if you didn’t get any good ones.” Because lets be honest, a 2-year-old boy doesn’t pose for photos, and since I didn’t shower (it was a real life shoot, so I had to be real :)) she had a challenge with us. But…they turned out great! WHAT?!

Amanda is a photographer based in the Denver Metro Area, but she has done weddings and photo shoots all over Colorado! If you want to contact her, please go to her website and do so! You won’t regret it 🙂

Amanda Rabon Photography



*Thank you Amanda for sponsoring this post. You rule!


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