You may not notice, but I don’t have great skin. I’ve had eczema my entire life and my face still breaks outs! I get patches all over, and I’ve even had it so bad that I actually had to be rushed to the dermatologist and pumped with meds because my hands and feet were so swollen and itchy (blurry photo below). They put me in a wheelchair and made me wrap my hands and feet. Anyways, I’m practically allergic to everything and have to wash all my clothes and sheets in fragrance free, chemical free, and hypoallergenic detergent. It’s a good thing I don’t lead a glamorous life and stay in hotels all the time.

My horrible eczema break out


Then there’s my face. Pregnancy, hormones, stress, and even too much chocolate can make me break out! I’ve tried soooo many products on my skin and probably wasted hundreds of dollars. I don’t have baggy skin, wrinkles, or puffy eyes, but I do have MAJOR dark circles (hello children and sleepless nights) and the monthly break outs. I still haven’t found a really good concealer. Recommendations in the comments PLEASE!

Then came Rodan + Fields. 🙂 I’m sure you’ve all heard about it already but let me tell you what it’s done for me. This stuff has removed all of my hyperpigmentation after pregnancy, and is now helping me to be foundation free!!! But let me tell you…I’m loving the eye cream. It’s a miracle worker. No joke. I put a little on before bed and when I wake up in the morning after washing my face, I swear my eyes seem “brighter” (which I need!). I did a before and after with my hyperpigmentation, (posted below…yikes) but I forgot with the eye cream, probably because I hardly ever take close-up pictures of my face.

Before (LEFT) :: After (RIGHT) obviously no makeup on in either photo.
And this was only after one month!


If you have wrinkly skin, sun damaged skin, acne, dark circles like me, or all of the above, there IS a solution for you. You can be foundation free and feel good about your face! I can’t wait for the day where I can leave the house without putting an ounce of makeup on (ok, maybe a little blush since I’m pale, and fill in my eye brows because I didn’t listen to my mom and went tweezing crazy when I was younger). The good thing is that I know being foundation free is right around the corner for me and, if you know me, you know that’s my dream! But, really, I hate putting on makeup.

Please contact Madison Lussier if you’re interested in trying R+F or have any questions! She has been beyond helpful to me and can get you looking and feeling your best! You can also click the link below to find the perfect solution for your skin!


Solution Tool





*Thank you Madison Lussier for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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