Reid :: 5 & 6 Month Update

Reid.Is.Huge. Since Wesley was so much smaller, I’m not used to having a big baby and never thought I would! I love his chunk! He is officially 19 pounds and almost 29 inches long which is exactly what Wes was at 1 YEAR OLD! The difference is just crazy to me because Reid is catching up to Wesley’s clothing size and is already in the same size diapers!!!

The last couple months have been so good and so busy. Reid had his first Halloween and wore the Lion costume that Wesley had last year….when he was almost 15 months! Ha! He was so cute. I ended up carrying him in the baby carrier because he just always wants to be held. He has his two bottom teeth, he’s sitting up, he’s loving vegetables and oatmeal cereal, and cries when I take the food away! His sleeping has been off due to a cold, then low grade fever, then teething, and then daylight savings all at random times but I’m hoping he starts getting back on schedule soon. I’ve reeeeally been trying to get him and Wesley to nap at the same time. It feels like such an accomplishment when they do and then I can get so much done!

Reid started to get more attached these last couple months, too, which has been a little difficult. I love that he wants to be held and wants to be close, but it makes it rough when I drop him off for Bible Study or try to get him to sleep other places. He’s very into routine and sleeping in his own crib. Wesley was the same way and now he won’t sleep ANYWHERE except his crib.

These boys are so stinking cute and fun! A lot of hard days, but I wouldn’t change it. I have much to be thankful for.




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