Things I thought I’d never say


Being a boy mom can bring a lot of challenges, but oh.my.goodness these kids keep me cracking up! I love them so much and I wouldn’t want it any other way! I was catching myself saying the silliest thing so I started to write them down a few months back 🙂

Things I thought I’d never say:

  • Don’t eat my face
  • Don’t choke me
  • Please poop!
  • You can’t step on people’s faces
  • We don’t eat leaves
  • Get your hands out of your pants
  • Stop spitting on the carpet
  • Chew your food and swallow
  • We don’t sleep with flashlights
  • No I don’t want to smell your feet
  • Stop trying to stick your hand in my mouth
  • We don’t draw on the walls
  • Don’t lick that
  • We don’t try to eat all the bubbles in the bath
  • We don’t draw on Reid’s face
  • I’m so sick of wiping your butt
  • You don’t fight mommy with your sword
  • We don’t climb up the bookshelf

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