Gifts 2016

I got a couple of gifts this Christmas that I had to share! The first are my FAVORITE earrings in the world by Nickel & Suede. These earrings are not only lightweight, but they’re made out of leather! With two little boys, I don’t get fancy very often but when I throw these earrings on, I sure feel fancy! I’m already starting a collection because I love them so much. You can’t even tell that Reid is constantly scratching and grabbing them because they are kid-friendly! They come in three sizes: small, medium, and large (gold and charcoal pictured are medium, and the white-silver is size small). They are very reasonable at $18-$27 and have a plethora of colors and styles! Go check them out if you need some!

My other favorite gifts were my journals by Promptly Journals. I randomly found these journals on Instagram a few months back and have been excited about Christmas ever since! These are so special, detailed, quick, and the best journal for the busy mom! They say on their website, “Each phase and year of the child’s life has custom tailored prompts to ensure quick but meaningful recording for the parent” and it is so true! It goes from pregnancy to 18 years and asks the most direct questions without having to spend an hour writing down every detail (there are some blank pages for those of you that want to write more).  Even though I have a baby book for Wesley already, I know it won’t take me long to transfer everything I already wrote down. I love that it seems to ask the best questions on each page so that by the end of that year, you have so many fun memories to look back on. A few of the questions I answered today for Wesley were “What is your toddlers hair like”, “In what ways are you most proud of your toddler”, and “What trouble does your toddler get into”. All questions I might forget to jot down if I were to sit down and journal for 10 minutes. They also have an Adoption Journal which is absolute perfect for those couples to write down every detail of their adoptive journey. This is the perfect baby shower gift for someone you love!

Go here if you need one in your life! 


Here’s a random life saver baby present 


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