Reid :: 7 & 8 Month Update

This little punkin is 8 months and weighing 21.5 lbs! He’s our happy, content, sweet baby and I couldn’t be more grateful for his joyful personality. I love watching my kids develop and grow….what do they love? What are their favorite foods? Who do they like to play with? So fun to see.

I feel like Reid’s life has already gone by waaaaay too fast. I know every mom says that about their kids, but for some reason our lives have been way too busy since he was born! Sometimes I want to forget about every responsibility, have Andrew skip school for a week, and just be with our boys. Take photos, go to the Zoo, go on vacation, potty train and unplug. Take time to make memories, slow down, and really grasp the present.

Andrew and I had so many New Year’s resolutions and plans, but obviously none of them have even come close to happening yet because we’ve all been sick. Unfortunately things keep getting in the way of our plans…but that’s life isn’t it? I’m really learning that as a mom, most days don’t go according to plan…and most days are difficult. VERY rarely do I  get to the end of the day wanting to relive it. That’s probably happened to me twice. And since I can’t even think of one, maybe it’s never happened.  Because that’s the case, I want to live more in the moment and take a mental photo in my head when Wesley makes Reid laugh, or when he shares his toys, or when they both are content playing with each other. I want to focus on the good, the small moments, and the quick reminders throughout the day that God is good, His grace is enough, and that I need Him more than anything to get through each day as a mom.

Reid is crawling, has 6 teeth, got his first double ear infection, still wants to nurse at night, and plays sooooooo well by himself with toys. I can’t believe how different the two boys can be despite coming from the same parents! Wesley has a curly fro, Reid’s hair is straight. Wesley always has to be playing with someone, Reid is perfectly content by himself. Reid is an eating machine and Wesley couldn’t care less about food. Wesley is active, athletic, and quick. Reid takes his time, strong, steady and slow. I love them with all my heart!


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