Kids Update

Wesley is a little over 2 1/2 and Reid just turned 10 months. I am LOVING this stage with each of them. Although every day brings some type of chaos, I’m thankful for the sweet moments that get me through each day. God is so good like that. No matter how crazy things are, I can always get to the end of the day with at least one thing that was hilarious, made us laugh, brought us closer to Jesus, or all of the above. I’m so grateful for that because I don’t know how else I’d get through these tough stages.

Reid is STILL waking up at night wanting to nurse and I have no idea how to wean him. Wesley was running around and so over nursing at 11 months (but I nursed before bed until 1 year just because). Reid is so sweet and sensitive and I think he’ll be a “baby” a little longer than Wesley was. I dropped a feeding during the day because he loves his meals and I knew he’d be just fine eating with Wesley at lunch. Reid is 25 lbs and in 18M clothes and Wes is 27 lbs and in 2T clothes. They sure are two peas in a pod. Whenever I’m holding Reid, Wesley says, “put Reid down! Come on Reid!” And wants to play with him. It’s by Gods grace that we had another kid, because Lord knows Wesley needed a playmate! I can’t wait to see them grow up and be in school together, each other’s weddings and walking life together.  

Wesley is in such a great stage now. I can’t even explain the difference and how thankful I am for these changes. I knew this day would come, but if you know us well or have read any of my blogs, you know we’ve had it rough with Wes. Now I seriously want to be around him all the time. It’s like he flipped a switch, grew up over night and is amazing…. He’s HILARIOUS and the sweetest kid. He gets so excited about things, is so kind, and loves life. What a great example he is to me! I signed him up for preschool and I can’t even believe we’re in that stage of life! Sad! But so good! They truly grow way too fast and I know I’ll want these years back. Knowing that keeps me going because they sure won’t be little like this forever!

Here are a few things that have happened over the last couple months!

  • We gave Wes a Mohawk
  • Andrew finished his 2nd year and is currently studying for his Step 1 exam. Rotations start end of April
  • Reid officially eats more than Wesley
  • I’ve sold over $30K in my LuLaRoe Business
  • Were planning a trip to Disneyland!
  • Reid is almost 1 and I can’t get over that

That’s about it!


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