Our baby is ONE

Reid is one…

WHAT?! I don’t know why but I get so emotional when my kids grow up. Reid is a bundle of love. That’s really what he is. He’s chunky and smiley and cute and always hungry. He loves to cuddle, he loves his brother (about 70% of the time) and he JUST started sleeping through the night. That was probably the greatest gift I’ve received from the Lord this month haha πŸ™‚ We’ve had so much going on, Andrew needed sleep, and Wesley wakes up to the smallest noise so the easiest thing was to get up, feed Reid, and go back to bed. I was exhausted. Wesley started getting night terrors, Andrew was studying 12 hours a day, and I kept forgetting about making dinners because I was so focused on the kids, Andrew, and my job. Ps: I just deep cleaned my house today….and there were spots I’ve never cleaned before. Yuck.

Anyways, back to Reid. He loves to be held…all the time. Unless he’s outside then he wants to be crawling in the dirt. (I have the boys take a lot of baths!) He is all that is sweet, but I am just now seeing this feisty second child attitude that has me cracking up a lot of the times, and then annoyed. Wesley has needed a lot of attention since birth and that’s been a hard thing with Reid. When Reid was just a newborn, he’d sleep all the time, enjoy the swing, or was just content with being close to us which was perfect so I could be with Wesley. Now that he’s older, he wants to be held or he wants to be fed. After he has his snuggles and his belly is full, he will play with his stacking cups or grab a car and crawl over to the wall and drive it all over the wall while grunting and roaring. (I wonder who he learned that from.) He is a delight and we’re in love with his chunky cheeks and how he showers us with open mouth slobbery kisses. I love the random times he does that, but I really love how he does that with family after not seeing them for awhile.

In Reid’s first year, we moved across town, flew to California, I started a job, and Andrew began his 2nd and now 3rd year of medical school. To say we’ve been busy is an understatement. I hate that. I so wish we could drop all of our plans and move to Hawaii where Andrew can work at a nice resort and I’d serve hawaiian ice in a hut on the beach. The kids could learn to surf, and we’d be happy and sun kissed. Ha! πŸ™‚ Too bad the Lord has other plans for us. It’s hard to understand how His plans are better when we muster up great ideas in our own heads. I know I’ll look back at this hard time and say different. These are hard years and as much as I’d love to look at Reid’s first year and say “we did so much, I taught him so much, we traveled so much”…etc….I know that he is loved…and fed. We can’t forget fed since he is a machine at eating! haha πŸ™‚

The thing is, we have a good life and Reid had a great first year. He’s happy, sleeping through the night, eats so well, loves people, loves to play, laughs all the time, and just the best. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter 2nd kid. I am blessed to be his momma. Happy birthday bud, we love you so much! Thank you for being YOU!




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