Pink Blush : Floral Tie Dress


This floral tie dress was a total shot in the dark for me. Because I’m so tall, I have a hard time finding dresses that are long enough. But, Pink Blush gets another gold star in my book because it wasn’t as short as I thought it’d be! It’s a size small and fits well. I probably could have gone up a size for length, but didn’t want to risk the overall fit.

Best part about this dress is it’s perfect for after baby since the top is nursing friendly!!! And maybe without my belly it’ll be a tad longer too 🙂 This gorgeous dress comes in 6 colors so if the one I got doesn’t look like you, check out the others! Cute maternity clothes for the win again!

On another note, my 18 month old has an ear infection and I’m just praying my 3 year old doesn’t get anything!!! It seems like this is the time of year when all the kiddos are getting sick and it’s making me so sad…and exhausted! So because of that, I literally threw on this dress, we kept the kids in the car, hopped out, my husband took 20 photos, and we called it good. Yikes! Thankfully the lighting was on point because sometimes life gets in the way and your plans get ruined. Story of my life. I also only do my hair and makeup a couple times a week, so if you caught me today for example, you’d see I definitely don’t look like this! ha! How do you moms take good pics??? What’s the story behind them? #reallife 🙂






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