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Blagoo Toys


Andrew and I let the boys have one early Christmas present this year. Wesley is obsessed with dinosaurs so, naturally, we got them some toy dinosaurs.

This interactive six-dinosaur set from the Blagoosaurs line of Blagoo Toys was a total winner. Wesley’s jaw hit the floor when we pulled it out of the box! The dinosaurs are vibrantly-colored and have bendable joints including legs, jaws, tails, and even wings on the Pteranodon. Wesley is attacking everything with the Tyrannosaurus Rex while Reid loves playing with the long-necked Brachiosaurus. Each dinosaur is made with high quality plastic and a non-toxic material that is 100% safe for skin and leaves no spots. They’re perfect for indoor or outdoor use and can even be played with in the bath! Huge plus for my boys 🙂 The box says ages 3 and up but I have no concerns allowing our almost 19-month old play with them.

The set also comes with three interactive trading cards.  Download Blagoo’s free augmented reality app (available for iOS and Android), scan the cards, and watch the dinosaurs come to life in an interactive 3D dinosaur show! How cool is that??? My boys loved it!

Blagoo Toys also has more than just dinosaurs. They have an educational STEM line of toys including plastic construction and block sets, toy cars (including bulldozers!) that can be taken apart and reassembled, and even an interactive bath toy set. Hurry over to the Blagoo Toys Amazon store to get yours today!

Happy Holidays, friends!



Blagoo Dinosaurs, Bulldozers, STEM toys, and bath toys:


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