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Pink Blush : Charcoal Leggings


These charcoal grey top stitch accent maternity active leggings are my new favorite!!! It’s getting SO COLD here and jeans are the most uncomfortable thing right now so I was really excited to get these leggings. The first time I tried them on was right after I had showered…bad idea. I may have still been a little wet and could barely get them on…thought I got HUGE overnight, haha! However, after drying off and wearing them around the house, I would say they are definitely true to size and sit at a very comfortable position around your belly! A ton of my maternity leggings and pants go over the belly which I have found to be extremely uncomfortable lately. Others hit me right below the belly and make sitting nearly impossible because you have fabric cutting into you. I can honestly say that these leggings almost cup your belly, holding up the weight, and make you feel very comfortable. Perfect for all you preggo mamas!

Even after baby comes, I think these are going to be my go-to leggings. Even if you aren’t “active” per se, I still think these Pink Blush leggings would be a good fit for anyone due to how comfortable they are. They don’t go up too high; I actually found that when I bent over I was revealing a little too much. So make sure and hike them up and wear a longer shirt! I love the two different color options (charcoal or burgundy) and the price doesn’t bother me because I’m going to wear them so much! I can see myself throwing on my Nike shoes everyday (or my Sorels when its snowing) and putting these leggings on with a cozy sweatshirt! 🙂

So all you mamas growing little ones that need a quality pair of leggings during your pregnancy, go check these out! Your belly will thank you 🙂






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