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Henry & BROS.

Who doesn’t LOVE a cozy blanket? My boys are 100% blankie boys and can’t sleep without them. Reid actually can’t sleep unless he’s chewing on the corner of his blanket with the tag…which has turned a really gross brown. He’s so attached to it that he has to be holding it for at least an hour after he wakes up…or else the tears start flowing. Wesley has to have his blanket folded and laid over his pillow so his face touches it all night, haha! đŸ™‚ Wesley has even woken up in the middle of the night, found his blanket not folded perfectly on his pillow, and started yelling “My blankie is janky! Fix it please!” Kids are so specific. Sometimes, I think they’re taking their blankies to college, haha!!! But, confession over here, I have one of those big, cozy, soft blankets that I sleep with, too…so…I guess this one is my fault!

Anyways, back to this adorable Henry & BROS blanket! It is super soft and my boys loved it (as you can tell from the photos above). These are perfect for your growing toddler who needs some extra comfort, for movie nights with the whole family, picnics outside, or to throw in your car for those fun moments out. It’s extremely versatile and made with 100% cotton! In fact, all of their products are made from 100% cotton!

Not only does Henry & BROS sell blankets and quilts, but also towel blankets, travel blankets, car seat covers and even baby blanket swaddles! All great gifts for moms with little ones! Check out their website and find something cozy!




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