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January : Letters to my busy boys

I decided to do something new because my boys are changing way too fast for me!  Every month I’m going to write them each a brief letter / update, add a photo along with it and then post first of the month (if all the stars align) 🙂

So for January, here are letters to my boys. All sporting their favorite hats EVER by Jack & Winn! They literally can’t leave the house without them anymore. Jack & Winn have an amazing collection, they are affordable, and I love how a lot of them are the original snapback! That way you can have your little dudes wear these hats for a looooong time by adjusting the size! I know you want one… for 20% off, use code NICOLE at checkout!!!! Head over their quick because this code expires 2/15!


WESLEY – You are almost 3 1/2 and make me laugh and cry almost every day. Lately you’ve been VERY imaginative which gives your little brother (and me) lots of laughs. Reid likes to follow you, do what you do, and he watches you very closely. You are still very thin but growing real tall! (I blame that on myself) You come up to me once a day and say “Mama, you are so beautiful. You are so kind. You are so pretty!” Sometimes you’ll tell me I’m the best mom in the world or that you like the color of my shirt. You’re VERY good at compliments and can boost anyones day. One time you told me I look sparkly. I asked you what was sparkly about me and you said my boobs. No idea where you get some of the things you say but it sure cracks me up! You are our energetic sweets and Mr. Personality. You’re LOVING Preschool and think you look super cool in your Jack & Winn hat and your vest like daddy’s. We got you new Lightening McQueen shoes and you haven’t taken them off in 3 days. You drink chocolate protein shakes, you like to snuggle with mama, you love painting, and you like blueberries and eggs for lunch (not mixed together). Of course you’re always climbing everything and jumping off everything which always makes me hold my breath but you’re a boy so adventure away! We love your rich laugh, your sweet smile, your spontaneous compliments and your stories. Love you so much Wes.




REID – You are one massive love bug! You give the BEST open arm hugs and the way you pucker your lips for kisses is just way too cute. You sure love your daddy, blankie, Raccoon, and cars. You’re definitely finding yourself and becoming more aware of your opinion and what you want. You outweigh your big bro by 2 lbs and now I basically share your clothes because besides Wesley’s long legs, you guys are in the same size….even shoes 🙂 Reid you get upset so quickly if Wesley is in your space, but then you’ll have no problem going and sitting on him! ha! You’re very specific about a few things and like to be treated like you’re 3 years old so you don’t feel left out. You’re still really good at playing by yourself though and I’m thankful for that because you find things to do. If you are bored on those rare occasions, you want cookies and “bedios” which means you want to watch videos of yourself on our phones and eat fig newtons. hahaha 🙂 I love my time with you one on one when I get that. I love your rolls, your cheesy smile, your love for food, and all your talking. You crack us up and we feel so lucky to have you! We love you bud.





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